We all know a douchebag in our lives. One too many as a matter of fact. We here at MailHate hate douchebags, and feel like these douchebags should be punished. Well unfortunately we can’t go out and kick all the douchebags asses for everybody, because jail is cold and fines are costly.

But what we can do is send your enemies some HATE by mail. Seriously.

We have gross wet realistic shit sprayed with Liquid Ass©, with gross realistic maggots and flies sitting right on top. Yeah it’s as raunchy as it sounds. Fucking disgusting. We gag everytime we make one.

And we have Glitter. So much fucking glitter. We will mail some glitter hate for you, to your enemies, your friends, your boss, your dad, or any asshole of your choosing. This ridiculous amount of glitter is concealed in a letter, and when they open said letter.. Glitter goes every-fucking-where. hehe. They will be cleaning it up for weeks. My dad was finding it after a month. Jerk.


Yes. We will seriously mail annoying and gross shit to the people you hate.

You pick the perfect “gift”, pay for it, let us know who’s gonna get it, and we ship it out quickly & anonymously to them.

Yes, it’s really anonymous. Your identity will never be known. You’re completely in the clear!

No, this is Mail Hate silly! Tehe! We are a novelty company only. We don’t condone hate mail or harassment. This is all in good tom foolery!

Oh the possibilities. 🙂 Your annoying neighbor, your smart-ass ex, your bitchy boss, your rich stingy uncle who won’t give you money, your baby-mama/daddy, the guy who cut you off on the freeway and you followed him home to get his address. Anyone.

We are the original Send Glitter to your Enemy “Glitter Bomb” company. Often imitated, never duplicated. Boom!


Send Love by Mail


Questions? Comments? Send us a note and we'll get back to you asap!


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