Taylor Kim Glitter Bomb

You decide who gets the most glitter bombs!

It’s Easy! And Rewarding! Here’s how it works:

When you order a glitter bomb for somebody,just enter Taylor or Kim in the Coupon Code, and we’ll send them a glitter bomb too. It’s BOGO baby!

Coupon Code: Taylor | Coupon Code: Kim

We have December 13th marked. Why? Well because it’s Taylor Swift’s birthday, and so far she’s the most hated. Lol

So far we’re ready to send Taylor Swift 2,400 glitter bombs so far, and Kim Kardashian 1,600 glitter bombs so far.


Taylor Kim Glitter Bomb

Join thousands of others who have cast their vote!

glitter bomb

Order your Glitter Bomb Letter Now and Cast Your Vote!

It’s completely anonymous and Hilarious!

Stick it to the celebrity that you hate the most! Buy a glitter bomb, and we’ll also ship one to the celebrity of your choice. Taylor or Kim

It’s Easy, Completely Anonymous, and Completely Hilarious!







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